From Newcastle, in the north east of England,the area which brought us “The Animals”, Malcolm Lilley learned his trade in the Working Men`s Clubs. Fronting his rock cover band,he perfected his own unashamed guitar/vocal style,described by the music paper ,Melody Maker as, “an exqisuite mongrel,bits of Lou Reed,Thin Lizzy and Elvis Costello”. After taking music lessons from Sting,also from Newcastle, and working with Andy Taylor of Duran Duran,Malcolm was ready to record for A+M Records,London.
These sessions produced the song “ ALL I WANNA DO”, a No.1 for “Jo Jo Zepp and the Falcons “in Australia.
After relocating to Germany, his band won the LANDESROCKFESTIVAL in Koblenz.Known for his great professionality and charismatic personality , he loves to entertain,creating magical atmospheres……..
High quality singer, playing guitar with a very personal style.
With Gianni Piazza,the Shigisan Project,a musical,”Falling Breeze”,written and recorded with traditional Japanese musicians.
And now Bobo`s Ranch………….”It was a chance meeting……the meeting … the chance……” ML


Roberto “Bobo” Righi, multi-instrumenaltist from Vicenza,Italy, diploma in double-bass, has taught guitar and bass guitar in various schools around Vicenza. He started his instrumental career with the best Vicentinian bands, such as the mythic Paalda Frama, and the Pick Ups vocal Group. Has taken part in many concerts in Italy and abroad. Countless jazz concerts. Bobo has cooperated in the recording of baroque music with the most of professional musicians. For many years he has been performing with his hip hop band, Body Vibes, for which he composes, arranges and plays R&B and Hip Hop songs. The live concerts of Body Vibes have always been very successful. He plays bass guitar with Survival, a band form Vicenza.Most of all he loves to jam with musician, he performs with his bass guitars, of which he possesses a remarkable collection. He is now working with Bobo’s Ranch together with Malcolm Lilley and Gianni Piazza, and he lends his experience to elaborate the sequences, arrangements and the compositions of the music of Bobo’s Ranch .


Began his love of rock music as a drummer in a local band playing their favourite songs . Developed like his musical mentors Cat Stevens and the Bee Gees a passionate vocal approach and a love of expressing his inner thoughts in his lyrics.
2002 saw him producing a CD covering the most classic of rock tracks, ONE MORE STEP TOWARDS FREEDOM the re-starting of a musical career that he never really meant to interrupt.
Now working with Bobo`s Ranch and his rock band Survival in Vicenza with friends back from the 70’s. With Malcolm Lilley has recorded a musical in Shigisan, Japan, on 2003. With Roberto Righi and Malcolm Lilley he composes with the trio Bobo’s Ranch songs in Italian and English.