March 24, 2005
Bobo has once again opened the door of his Ranch Studios.

The boys are writing new songs for their second album to be ready in the summer of 2005.
There's optimism in the Ranch air. This is going to be a worthy follow-up to "CHANCE MEETING", which is pleasing music lovers in Italy, Japan and Germany.
The lyrics concern themselves with the attainment of love in one's life, keeping it alive and what to do when the feeling has gone.
Gianni, Malcolm and Bobo don't pretend to know it all, but they are living it and recording it.
Musically, the Ranch boys are reaching out, crossing borders to express their feelings with the air waves.
Morrow (Les Totems, Vicenza) brought magic to the Studio when he sang and played his raga-reggae guitar on 'TELEFUNKEN', Moira (Les Totems) added her beautiful voice to the pop-mix with the "big-Hook" - hear it and you'll be singing 'TELEFUNKEN' the whole day long.